The Remcorp team consists of professionals with significant operational, financial and transactional experience. —

— Our team

team —

All of our members have all a long track record in their respective areas of expertise. We have all held executive positions or participated directly in growing one or more companies. We have also experienced challenges similar to yours and fully understand your concerns. —

Maxime Rémillard

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tony Fionda

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

André Marier

Senior Advisor

France Quesnel

Director, Finance and Administration

Chantal Courcy

Partner Relations and Assistant to the President

— What sets us apart

What sets
us apart —

We are firm believers in close and proactive collaboration. We commit and get involved. For us, it’s the only way to work. Our goal is to put the right strategies in place to maximize the potential for growth and the creation of sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We focus on achieving operational excellence and an efficient capital structure.

We also believe that an exceptional and experienced management team is critical to the success of any business. With this in mind, we look to partner with management teams who are committed to the future of the companies they run.

Our role is to offer these teams an opportunity for significant financial returns. —